This is what happens when I run out of notebook paper.
New Giveaway from Lead at Any Level

Hi, !

To everyone who made time to connect or re-connect last month, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

In particular, I'd like to express my gratitude to some special people in my network:

  • Robbie Samuels, who was kind enough to record our conversation and release it as Episode 112 of his On the Schmooze podcast
  • Everyone I met during the TSAE New Ideas Conference (especially Shirley LaVergne!)
  • Everyone at Cincinnati CPCU Society Chapter's Diversity Luncheon
  • Jonamay Lambert & Associates for hosting an awesome webinar on intergenerational collaboration
  • Tony Canas and Carly Burnham, for
    (1) inviting me to speak at the first-ever Insurance Nerds Day
    (2) launching a get-out-the-vote contest from the Insurance Nerds website
  • Cathy Fyock, for helping me make 2018 such a fabulous year (and we're not finished yet!)

Which brings me to...

My October Surprise!

I've made so many new connections and re-connections that I was starting to run out of notebook paper! This made me think: What if I had a journal to help me track my CHAMP Network conversations?

The possibility of a "CHAMP Networking Journal" started to take shape, and I'm ready to make it a reality.  Here's how you can use it:

  • Record your networking conversations, including the date and contact's name
  • Use visual indicators to categorize your contacts by how they fit into your CHAMP Network
  • Identify which new perspective(s) each of your conversations reveals
  • Periodically assess your CHAMP Network and answer the question, "What perspectives does your network IGGNORE?"

Would you like a chance to WIN a copy of the

Network Like a CHAMP Networking Activity Journal?

I wish you all the best as we bring 2018 to a close!

Amy C. Waninger
Founder & CEO, Lead at Any Level LLC


October 16 - San Diego, CA
The Institutes' CPCU Society
Annual Meeting
[more information]

October 18 - Indianapolis, IN
Women IN Energy
Annual Conference
October 18 - Indianapolis, IN
SIM Indianapolis
October Executive Dinner Forum

[more information]

October 23 - Indianapolis, IN
Ellevate Indianapolis
October Networking Event

[more information]

October 30 - Tulsa, OK

The Institutes' CPCU Society
Northeast Oklahoma
Chapter I-Day

November 8 - Louisville, KY
Office Lunch & Learn
[corporate event]

November 8 - Louisville, KY
National Association of Women MBAs
Louisville Chapter Meeting
[details coming soon]

November 9 - Indianapolis, IN
Fraternity Communications Association
Mid-year Conference
[more information]

November 15 - Indianapolis, IN
The Institutes' CPCU Society
Central Indiana Chapter
Diversity Luncheon
[more information]

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