Also: I'm turning my embarrassing mistake into a book giveaway!
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Are you prepared to pick the best person for the job?
Whether you're an experienced manager or hiring someone for the first time, this can be a stressful activity. We're all busy enough, and finding a new team member can take up valuable time.
What's more, unconscious biases can influence our hiring processes in ways we don't readily recognize. This makes it hard for us to attract a diverse slate of candidates. It can also cause us to overlook qualified candidates who may not conform to our expectations.

Hire Beyond Bias will help you avoid common pitfalls at every stage of your selection process.
In this book, you'll learn how to
  • Recognize barriers to attracting and selecting highly qualified candidates
  • Identify and remove restrictive language from job postings
  • Develop strategies to overcome biases during resume screening and interviews
  • Establish objective tie-breakers for final selection decisions

This book is for:
  • Hiring managers, regardless of experience
  • Newly formed management teams and hiring teams
  • Technical staff involved in candidate selection and evaluation processes

You Could Even Get Your Copy for Free (Plus S&H)!

This is embarrassing. I was so excited to release Hire Beyond Bias in paperback that I missed a key step in the editing process.

The first run of this book ... doesn't have page numbers.

Seeing these books on my shelf is a good reminder that I'm still learning. But I really only need one copy to remind me of that.

So, I'm giving the rest away!

While supplies last, look for the "OOPS!" edition of Hire Beyond Bias at

For just the cost of shipping & handling, you can have a long-term reminder to slow down and do things right.

Oh, and it's also a great book for hiring managers.

Here's to learning from our mistakes in 2019!

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