"What's so great about podcasts?" How much time have you got?!?
Podcasts are the new ... everything!

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Greetings from my still-messy desk here at Lead at Any Level! (I think it's gotten even worse.)

Are you a lifelong learner? Do you wish you could build skills and increase your knowledge while mowing the lawn, driving to work, or waiting at the dentist?

...Directly from industry thought leaders?

...On any topic you choose?

...Whenever you want?

...For free?

For these reasons and more, podcasts are quickly becoming the new ... everything!

  • Podcasts are the new radio show, but you get to hear the whole thing! How many times have you gotten into your car, heard only the last few minutes of a radio interview, and wished you could rewind to hear the whole thing? Podcasts are on-demand and you can listen on your schedule. Oh, and you can even rewind if you miss something.
  • Podcasts are the new daytime talk show, but portable! I love Ellen as much as you do. But I can't take her with me when I'm at the grocery store or the beach. (Although, Ellen, if you're out there, you are welcome to be my beach buddy!) You can stream or download podcasts with your phone, tablet, or computer and listen to the interviews anywhere.
  • Podcasts are the new webinar, but allow you to multitask. It's tough to attend a webinar while you're watching your sister's kids' favorite episode of Paw Patrol for the thirtieth time. But you might be able to get by with a pair of earbuds while you're cuddled on the couch trying not to wake up the niblings. Most podcasters worth their mics will put show notes on their websites so you can download tools, articles, or freebies later.
  • Podcasts can even be the new audiobook, except for free! Many podcasts feature authors talking about their books, giving you not only free content, but also behind-the-scenes insights.

Tips to get the most out of podcasts
  • You can set podcast episodes to play in chronological order, rather than from newest to oldest. Instructions available here.
  • Use your device's settings to speed up playback. When you listen at 1.5x speed, you can blow through an hour-long episode in just 40 minutes.
  • To find a podcast that might interest you, look up thought leaders you admire. Find out what shows they've been on and listen to a few episodes! I've included
  • Check out the "show notes" for your favorite podcasts. Guests often provide tools, special discounts, and other giveaways for podcast listeners.
  • When you find a show you like, be sure to rate and review it on iTunes (or whatever platform you use), and share the best episodes on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This helps others with similar interests find the show. And tagging thought leaders is a great way to connect with them on social media!

Do you have a favorite podcast? Let me know!

Amy C. Waninger
Founder & CEO, Lead at Any Level LLC

Are you looking for a new podcast to stimulate your thinking or expand your knowledge?

I'm proud to have been invited to appear on the shows below, which represent a wide variety of industries, perspectives, and topics.

Please have a listen. If you like a show, help others find it by rating and reviewing the episode or series.
New Releases
Pivot Point (S2 E03)
with Julie Kratz
Allies for gender equality at work
[ about | iTunes ]
On the Schmooze (E112)
with Robbie Samuels
Untold stories of leadership & networking
The Job Lab (E20)
with Nick Murphy
Skills & tools to create a career you love.
Other Recent Interviews

Living Corporate Podcast (E06)
with Zach Nunn
Amplifying the voices of
People of Color in Corporate America
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Claim the Stage (E99)
with Angela Lussier
Professional speaking skills for women
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She Breaks the Mold (E16)
with Janet Whalen
Women whose work empower other women
[ about | iTunes | PlayerFM ]

Profiles in Risk (InsNerds Podcast) (E90)
with Nick Lamparelli
Focus on insurance industry, careers, and insurtech startups
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Coming Soon!

Ignite Your Life

with Leanne Blaney
Add adventure & sparkle to your life
[ about | iTunes | PodBean ]

Leaders of Transformation
with Nicole Jansen
Lead with integrity, confidence, & passion

[ about | iTunes | Stitcher ]

Sigma Kappa Sorority
Providing women with lifelong opportunities to positively impact our communities
Coming Soon!

Third Paddle
with Jennifer McFarland
Escape Business Sh*t Creek
[ about | iTunes | Stitcher ]

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