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Book Launch News!

Hi, !

Thank you for your support of Network Beyond Bias: Making Diversity a Competitive Advantage for Your Career.

I have news about the book launch to share with you!

First, the good news.

In June, Network Beyond Bias landed the top spot on Amazon's Career Guides new release list.

People at all professional levels, from multiple industries, have since told me how the book has changed their approach to networking.

Yesterday, something absolutely amazing happened. Marianne, whom I met at the Diversity 4.0 conference in June, ordered 150 copies of Network Beyond Bias for her organization!

Marianne is an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Manager within a large state agency. She's been conducting diversity & inclusion (D&I) training for decades, and she asked if she could hand out my book during a conference workshop she's presenting!

When I wrote Network Beyond Bias, I had two audiences in mind.

The first audience is everyday people, like you and me, who want to be part of what's right about the world of work. And I know many of you have been inspired by this message already.

Marianne represents the second audience, experienced D&I practitioners who want a way to expand their programming beyond senior leadership. People like Marianne are uniquely positioned to help hundreds -- even thousands -- of people get meaningfully engaged in the D&I conversation while boosting their careers.

This is the unique power of Network Beyond Bias.
You know it. I know it. And now we need for the whole world to know it!

...which brings me to the bad news.

MOST people will only find Network Beyond Bias if Amazon recommends it to them.

But, Amazon doesn't factor big orders like Marianne's into its "best-seller" algorithms.

In fact, there is ONLY ONE reliable, sustainable way to get Amazon to promote a book. And I need your help!

To gain traction, Network Beyond Bias needs 50 OR MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS ON AMAZON.

And, to make matters worse, Amazon doesn't publish all the reviews its customers submit. At least two people told me they weren't allowed to leave a review. (If this happens to you, please email me a copy of your review so I can use it elsewhere.) A few other reviews were removed by Amazon with no explanation. And fans from Canada and the UK can't post reviews on Amazon's U.S. site.

To those of you who have already reviewed the book, THANK YOU! Would you recommend it -- or even lend it to -- a friend and ask them to write an honest review?

If you haven't already written a review, please take a few moments to do so. Here's the link:

YOU have the power to help others transform their careers, one relationship at a time. Are you willing to lead by helping your friends and coworkers find this powerful book?

Thank you all so much!

Amy C. Waninger

Founder & CEO, Lead at Any Level LLC

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