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You've probably heard the story of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. Usually when I watch that animated classic each year, I identify with the Grinch only when his heart grows three sizes on Christmas Day.

But last week, when I saw the newsletter from my business partner Cathy Fyock (The Business Book Strategist), I got a "wonderful, awful idea" to steal her newsletter for my own purposes!

Don't worry, I've asked Cathy's permission to re-purpose her brilliant email. As an added bonus, you may find your new favorite author among my friends and colleagues, below!

Why Books Make the Perfect Gifts!
It's almost holiday gift-giving time, and you're probably thinking about the search for the perfect, thoughtful gift for clients, friends, colleagues, and family. In thinking through my favorite gifts, among them are the books I've received.

Reasons to Give a Book This Holiday Season
There are so many reasons that a book is the perfect gift. Consider these:
  • Books can be a timely gift (for the person who wants the "latest")
  • Books are easy to purchase, wrap, and ship
  • You can't buy the wrong size when buying a book
  • No batteries or chargers are needed
  • Books are the gift that keeps on giving (even when you're finished, you can read it again!)
  • Books are affordable
  • You're supporting authors!
  • You can tailor your gift to the needs of the individual - there is a book for everyone
  • Books can be personalized and remembered forever
  • You can never have too many books
  • Books can take you places
  • Books are better than a fruitcake or socks
  • You are giving the gift of knowledge, joy, insight, inspiration

You can probably think of more!

How do you pick the perfect book for each person on your gift list? I've put together a list of my author's books, along with the ideal reader AND the link to Amazon. Make holiday gift-giving easy and personal at the same time by using this shopping list!

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR
The Business Book Strategist
502.445.6539 |
For financial professionals

Presenting financial information by putting the needs of the audience before yours will compel you to become a more confident presenter and deliver information with clarity.
For sales managers, sales leadership, human resources (recruiters, generalists, managers and leaders), sales trainers

Identify the root of all evil in your sales force before they can derail your entire organization and cost you a fortune.
For anyone looking to find fulfillment in life. Whether they are seeking for more or looking for continued inspiration, it's a perfect fit for anyone!

Spurred to capture everyday moments turned extraordinary, Color Today Pretty takes you on a personal reflection - traversing life's difficulties and also finding beauty in the mundane.

For entrepreneurs or business professionals who use speaking as a tool to promote or grow their businesses

PFH is a quick, engaging, thought-provoking read, providing accessible and practical lessons on improving your attitude, performance and audience connection while delivering meaningful and memorable presentations.
For speakers or those who want to speak

This book is about the business of speaking and how to get paid to speak, and includes specific strategies, scripts and information provided for you to jump start a speaking business or take your current business to the next level.

For professionals and thought leaders who want to write a book as a business development strategy

If you want to write a book as a business tool, On Your Mark provides a step-by-step guide to writing your book fast!

For professionals and thought leaders who are interested in writing blog posts that could become their next book

If you've been blogging a post each week for a year, you probably have enough content for a book. See how to put it all together in this blog2book model!
For HR and OD professionals and business leaders who are concerned about employee engagement and productivity

This unique and powerful book written by a team of HR and OD leaders explores the nuances of bring our whole selves to work, and challenges us to shed the outdated notion of asking employees to check their humanity at the door.

For HR and OD professionals and business leaders who want to create more compassionate workplaces

This volume explores what it means to offer a compassionate workplace, sharing messages about well-being, work/life balance, diversity and inclusion, personal and professional development, and spirituality at work.

For people with challenges to overcome, athletes who set the next goal of races to run, for those who know the power of attitude, regardless of abilities or disabilities

Imagine three wheelchair racers setting and completing a truly audacious goal: Finishing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 weeks, journey that's as life-changing as it is inspiring.

For small business owners or HR professionals who need expert guidance to hire the right people

The YOLO Principle teaches a proven recruiting strategy to attract and hire the high-performing team members they need to be more efficient, effective, and profitable.

For executives and managers who lead a team of people and want to develop them to be star performers with greater contribution to the organization, their team and their own growth

Packed with stories and skills-building techniques, this is the most valuable one-stop tool for growing your role as a coach to your team that will produce extraordinary results for the person and the organization!

For any expert or thought leader (business person, speaker, consultant, author) who wants to build name recognition in front of their target market

Everyone reads magazines and online content. Build your business name recognition by placing articles in front of your target market where they already are.
For anyone looking to find and keep a long term, committed relationship, primarily women between the ages of 25-45 who want to get married for the first or second time

After Ever After will give you the tools you need to find and keep the love of a lifetime.

For early to mid-career professionals who want more from their careers

This book will help you remove the artificial barriers that may be keeping you from your next mentor, star hire, or big customer.  

For early to mid-career professionals who want to make intentional networking a habit

book helps you record networking conversations as they happen, identify who's who in your network, and recognize what perspectives might be missing over time.
For people continuing their personal journey and experiences

Each of us is on a journey, a quest. Sometimes we need help with our roadmap. Sometimes we need help folding our roadmap. Do we know which we need and when?

For mid to senior level business and military leaders of organizations who desire self-improvement and who appreciate the value of people but may not know the best way to lead them

This book is about leading in a very personal way. Rob shares his 27 years of Army leadership. It's about knowing yourself, knowing your people, and investing in them.  

For anyone that has reached a point where they feel like, "there's got to be more to life than this." Anyone who is tired of feeling stressed, sick and tired. Anyone who feels like they've got too much in their life... too much clutter, too much noise, too much stuff... and wants to simplify and get back to what really matters

Live a F.A.S.T. is part memoir and part help guide, about how the author found her life by stripping it down and cleaning it up, and how you can do the same.

For leaders in any organization who track performance metrics about their business results

This book provides a method (Process Behavior Charts) for leaders to visualize metrics in a way that helps them react less, lead better, and improve more.

For managers and employees who work with jerks

How to Work with Jerks offers solutions for professionals and leaders who want to motivate and retain their staff.

On a personal note: I've read many of these books myself and am blown away by the diverse perspectives Cathy's clients represent. I even found a few new titles in this list ...and bought a gift for myself!

Have you always wanted to write a book, but you just don't know where to begin? Set up some time to talk to Cathy Fyock today! And, please, tell her I sent you!

I wish you all the best as we bring 2018 to a close!

Amy C. Waninger
Founder & CEO, Lead at Any Level LLC

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